The THA Constitution

1. Name: The name of the Association is “TILEHURST HORTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION”, (THA) hereafter the Association. 

2. Objects: The Association aims to promote and encourage an interest in gardening amongst the residents of Tilehurst and the surrounding areas, providing garden supplies, talks, shows, social events and contact with similar associations.

3. Affiliation: The Association is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.

4. Members:
a. Membership of the Association consists primarily of gardeners and those with an interest in horticulture, from Tilehurst and the surrounding areas.
b. Membership is by annual subscription or by purchasing Life Membership when it is made available. Renewal Subscriptions are due in January each year and should be paid by the end of April of that year.
c. Members over the age of 65 pay a reduced rate.
d. Individuals can join the Association at the Trading Sheds or at any Talk.
e. Membership will cease on request or if the annual subscription is not paid by the due date.

5. Equal Opportunities: The Association is committed to treating all people equally and with respect

6. Committee:
a. The Association is run by a Management Committee of not less than 8 members.
b. The Committee is elected annually at the AGM.
c. Committee Meetings are to be held at least 6 times a year.
d. A quorum at Committee Meetings is not less than 5 members.

7. Officers:
a. The Officers consist of a President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
b. The President will be an ex-officio member of the Committee.
c. All other Officers, and other post holders as required, will be appointed by the Committee.

8. Finances:
a. Funds are raised by members’ annual subscriptions, through a % mark-up on horticultural supplies sold and by the sale of plants at local events
b. The Treasurer is responsible for banking, for keeping the books and for preparing the accounts for the AGM
c. Prior to the AGM, the accounts will be checked by a competent person, not a Committee Member

9. General Meetings:
a. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall take place in February each year.
b. At the AGM, the accounts and Chairman’s Report shall be submitted and Committee Members elected for the ensuing year.
c. Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee or on the requisition in writing of at least 10 members. In each case 14 days’ notice must be given.
d. 10 members shall form a quorum and in the case of equal voting, the Chairman will have a casting vote.
e. No political or sectarian discussions shall be raised or resolutions proposed at any meeting of the Association.

10. Amendments: Amendments to this Constitution must be agreed by a two-thirds majority at an AGM or a special meeting of the members.

11. Dissolution: The Association may be dissolved by two-thirds majority at a special meeting of the members. Upon the dissolution of the THA the assets shall be realised. Any surplus funds after all liabilities have been met shall be donated to a body decided by the members at the special meeting convened to agree the dissolution of the THA.

12. General Data Protection Regulation: Members names, addresses, email addresses and, in some cases, telephone numbers are stored on password-protected electronic devices and on manual record cards. The use of this data is restricted to the official business of the Association. The Association’s General Data Protection Policy is issued to new members and is available upon request.

13.Matters not provided for: Matters not provided for by this Constitution shall be dealt with by members of the Committee at their discretion.

February 2020