At the Tilehurst Horticultural Association we aim to provide the gardening community of Tilehurst with horticultural supplies at reasonable prices, together with a lively programme of talks and activities throughout the year. Whatever your age or experience with gardening you are welcome. Please join us! 

Our Trading shed at Gratwicke Road is open on Sunday from 10am-12noon . The Saturday opening trial has finished and awaiting feedback. So a big Thank You to both the existing and the additional volunteers.  Whilst we are not enforcing the wearing of face coverings or social distancing, we do ask that members continue to exercise caution and have regard to the health and safety of others. Hand gel, face masks and gloves are all available for helpers and members. In particular, please do not come to the shed if you have any Coronavirus symptoms.  As before, please come prepared to pay by card if you can.  Not only has this proved popular with our customers, but it is also the preference of our cashiers, some of whom do not want to handle cash. 

Thank you to all who donated plants and helped with the plant stall at Bean Pole day on 23rd April 2022. It was a busy first few hours with all of the many tomato plants selling out before midday. Also thank you to all of you who supported the stall by turning up to buy plants.

Tickets for the Jubilee Quiz night with Fish & Chip Supper on 26th May (see the Events page) are for sale at the Trading shed at £7.50 per head. 

Our summer show is  planned for 6th August 2022, but to make it a success we do need volunteers . We don’t expect an all day commitment, one or two hours would be helpful. Please see the Volunteer page for details about this and other ways you can help your association.  The show schedule and seeds for the special class are available in the Trading Shed.

Reminders !

The Gratwicke Road Shed is open on Sundays between 10am-12noon.   Tickets for the Quiz night, booking for trips and Show Schedule (plus seeds for the special class) are all available at the Trading Shed.  

Membership is now due for 2022 and can be obtained at the trading shed or at the talks.  

Don’t forget that members receive 50% off Dobies’ seeds & 15% off all other items, by quoting our code at checkout.