The Tilehurst Horticultural Association (THA) aims to provide to the gardeners of Tilehurst, sundry goods in realistic quantities and reasonable prices and increase the knowledge of and interest in, gardening in general. Volunteers drawn from the membership run the THA, and provide the staffing of the Trading Shed.

Membership is by Annual subscription of £6.00 per year, or £3.00 for seniors.  If you wish to join, email the Membership Secretary on and we will get back to you.  Alternatively, you can join at our Trading Shed, or at any of the Talks. Renewal is due the first time you go to the Trading Shed in the New Year, although sooner rather than later is better. 

Trading is a vital part of our activities and provides the finance necessary to keep the THA
functioning. Only members are allowed to purchase from the Trading Shed and you must therefore always take your membership card with you.  Our shed is well stocked with a variety of gardening supplies at competitive prices. 

Newsletters are published 4 times a year, giving details of forthcoming events and tips on a variety of subjects. If you have any items that you would like to share, email the Editor on or use the Contact Us page.  

The Newsletters are hand-delivered to your door by volunteers.  If you would like to help, then please contact the Membership Secretary on or leave your details with the shed helpers, who will pass them on.  Alternatively, you can elect to receive your Newsletter by e-mail, either when you join by giving your e-mail address or, by e-mailing

Talks are held in the Village Hall, Victoria Road, Tilehurst during the Winter/Spring seasons, to alleviate possible withdrawal symptoms and set you up to face the new garden cycle. The talks are published in the Newsletters, but are usually January, March, April, October and November. There is no entrance charge for the talks, but a raffle is held to assist towards the cost. Your support for the raffle in terms of buying a ticket and/or bringing something for it, (never let it be said that we do not try and involve every member in something, other than trading!) would also be appreciated. Remember your spare plants/cuttings could turn out to be someone’s dream.

Occasionally a Coach Trip is arranged to a Garden, Horticultural Show or another place of
interest, a time to take it easy from the gardening, see what other people can achieve and pick up ideas. Join us and enjoy!

The pinnacle of the THA year is the Annual Show held on the first Saturday in August, in the Village Hall, Victoria Road, Tilehurst.  All members and their families may enter; indeed the Show is open to anyone living in Tilehurst. Classes cover Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Pot Plants, Cookery etc., and include Junior Classes (under 16yrs of age). There is no need to feel shy or to stand back about entering, with the thought that ‘mine are not good enough’, because when you visit the Show in the afternoon, you may find out that you were wrong! A plant sale is held also and your spare plants would be welcome, and no doubt there will be a plant just waiting for you to buy.  If you have any questions, please email our Show Secretary on